BUSTED !!! #Phyno setting the streets on fire... Click to read more.

#Nigeria #Rap #Artist, Phyno Fino is fast becoming the king of the streets, setting everywhere ablaze with his hyper hot and fast lyrics which is a fusion of his native Igbo language and English. Phyno is taking over, revolutionizing #Igbo Rap most importantly.
He has a way of carrying the street along in his lyrics, using the everyday language of the streets, which has seen him putting Enugu on the map of raps. Enugu the capital of Enugu State was popular known outside the state as the Coal City but Phyno evolution has ensured the replacement of the name with the code ''042''.

No one knew that Igbo rap will have this level of acceptability across the music industry in Nigeria although others before him also did great, musicians like #Illbliss, #Mr Raw, #SlowDog and a host of others but Phyno has really surged past them already and is still moving on from one hot rap to the other and when I had this track "Abulo" on the Radio, Nwanne kupu, this guy called Phyno aga-go nuclear, i just had to crown him #King-of-the-Streets , because in every hood around the East, this guy is the real deal and the raw deal putting fellas in the real mood, obughi rice and beans, this Chap ma ife ana-alu.
You feel the everyday street life in his voice, hitting you in the comfort of your room, you just can't help it, it teaches you the updated street slang across the streets and in Enugu in particular, so when you are out there, you just feel at home because you already know what to expect.
Now let me leave you with a video of the track "Abulo" enjoy.



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