Prof. Wole #Soyinka and the #Millipedes of the internet.

Did you watch that his press conference that was aired on #ChannelsTV ? I mean that of Prof. #WoleSoyinka , you can feel the anger oozing out, he was practically boiling inside. Everyone reacted differently to #DonaldTrump 's victory over Hillary Clinton, even the #Stockexchange reacted, it fail down, according to him, as long as the #economy and #money is concerned the only thing our Able Prof. knows about it is that it either goes up or falls down. 

The Prof was saying that he has the right to react in his own way to the victory of #Trump and it shouldn't be the business of the #Millipedesoftheinternet. 
The millipedes of the internet craws out only to leave slime. Someone need to remind our able Prof. with due respect that things are changing around here, that Nigeria has not even woken up, they are still trying to and things are going to get even tougher, as a professor, he can carryout a research on impact of social media on President-Elect Donald Trump's victory and understand that things are changing fast, these days the social media is unraveling societal ills etc, they are very direct, blunt and uncut, opening the doors that even professional Journalists are scared to knock at. 

Nowadays, when the Area Elephant sneezes it becomes the business of the Internet Millipedes and that's today's life, and he has no choice but to live with it.
Maybe the millipedes of the Nigerian Internet includes the likes of #LindaIkeji and others in her class, those coming behind them are even worse, Wole Soyinka is worried about millipedes of the internet, the truth is that #Ants of the internet are around the corner, they will compel every Area Elephant to either eat his words or make his word his bond. 
Before the #UnitedStates election, the news was every where, the social media was on fire, it was ''alleged'' that Prof. Wole Soyinka had said that he would tear his US green card if Donald Trump wins the US election. The question is, why didn't Prof. Wole Soyinka come out openly then to deny the allegation? or to hold a press conference against the so called Millipedes of the Internet. If Hillary Clinton had won, he would have been celebrated a hero, they will call him a die-hard supporter of Clinton even here on social media but unfortunately she lost and when the millipedes asked him to be a man and stand by his words, that to him became a slime and he had to call a press conference. 

Those who are worried by the big Millipedes of the internet should prepare for the Ants of the internet because soon we would be every where holding these #politicians and doubled tongue elephants accountable for every word they utter outside the comfort of their bedrooms. 
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