#Wizkid versus #Tekno ...click.

Wizkid and Tekno and two Nigerian Hip-Hop Artist, these guys ain't just any Artist, they are some of Nigeria's finest, you hardly go to a party or club in Nigeria without hearing their songs. Honestly, I respect their level of creativity, you know some people think that it is easy to come up with something that people will appreciate, dance to and want to spend their money on it, if that was to be the case, we wouldn't  be having many hungry musicians on the streets. It is one thing to sing, one thing to have the money to produce it and a different thing all together for the beat to sale, to be acceptable to the general public.
I get angry when some people start running their mouth like broken tap against our hard working youths doing their best not only to better their lives but to make people happy as well. My so called Lagosian friend said he is a fan of Wizkid but that he hates Tekno because he is lyrically bankrupt, isn't that arrant nonsense? Anyone who says he/she loves Wizkid and hates Tekno is either being tribalistic or simply mad. 
 Moreover they are selling their CD, making their money, attending shows that's their business, if it doesn't give you joy just mind yours.



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