can we ever have an Abuja-Enugu rail in Nigeria? see Abuja-Kaduna rail...

See Abuja-Kaduna rail, a state of the arts train service, when can we ever have an Abuja-Enugu train service, why do we always have to be the last in every Nigerian policy? 
Can we ever have an Onitsha-Abuja train service, there is a third mainland bridge in Lagos, now they are talking about a fourth mainland bridge and yet Nigeria can't give the former Eastern Region a second river Niger bridge, so pathetic after they will be asking, 'what do Igbo's want?

We want a sea port in Calabar or Port-Harcourt so that we can import our goods without congesting Lagos but is that possible? We want a true international airport in the east, so that we can access our region from foreign countries without having to stop over in Lagos, Abuja or Kano, we want to be able to apply and get our visas without having to Travel to Lagos or Abuja for interview... the list is endless,



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