#Yoruba and #Hausa/Fulani communal conflict in Ife

Those involved in the Ife #Yoruba and #Hausa/Fulani communal conflict to be prosecuted... Minister of Interior, #Abduramen Dambazau. 

Why investigate and prosecute them sir? because human beings died. 
So those being slaughtered in #Benue State and Southern #Kaduna are mere monkeys and baboons, that is why nobody is prosecuting anybody. 

Until it involved the Yoruba, I didn't even realize that we had a minister of interior, now leaders of Hausa/Fulani had to visit the Yoruba leaders in Ife for peace talks because of A, B and C. 
Benue and Southern Kaduna communities needs to study this Ife conflict and ensure that next time the killers arrive that the Minister of #Interior would have a reason to investigate and prosecute those responsible.



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