How she missed him... read and learn

They were friends like no other, had everything in common, because of them even there parents had come to become family friends. They shared their secrets and both dreamed about  a wonderful future ahead, talked about the kind of husband they would love to marry, lets just say their names are Mary and Janet.

They both had male friends, the usual Boy friend stuff until one day a new person came around for Mary. Lets say the new person was named Mark.
Mark was a city boy, with "plenty swag" like they will say in the local parlance here, when Mark approached Mary, it was like the usual thing, there was no need for that as far as Mary was concerned, she had a much younger boy friend than Mark and more handsome too, so she refused but Mark won't let her be. Because of her or so it seemed, Mark kept visiting the village from time to time, he even started visiting Mary in her home, he was very daring, he comes in and exchanges pleasantries with all and sundry without any iota of fear, even her parents had begone to suspect that Mark may be wooing their daughter but decided to keep silence for the time being though they often demand to know from Mary why the young man kept visiting her at home, a question she said they should direct to Mark. 

One day she informed Jane about Mark and how he has been pestering her life for some time now. After listening to her, Jane advised Mary to at least hear Mark out, give him the opportunity to express himself before knowing what to do, as a city boy, he may have some money to throw around and of course they need money, so they both agreed that Mary can keep Mark as a secret second boy friend and if he turns out to be their money machine she can as well do away with her first boy friend.
Mark came home two weeks later, this time he met a listening Mary, he told her about himself, what he was doing in the city and begged her to give him a chance by allowing him to be her friend. As agreed Mary later gave her consent and they became friends. Mary introduced her friend Janet formally to Mark and would often visit him in the company of Janet, with time she forgot about her former boy friend even Janet too but sooner than they thought, out of the blues, just when they have settled for the enjoyment that followed, Mark proposed marriage to Mary.

It came to Mary as a big surprise. she never for once dreamed that this would happen, not so fast, she didn't know what to say, she simply ran away without saying a word, Mark took that for a yes and traveled back to the city. Mary narrated what happened to her friend Janet, "How could he just say that?", was the question she kept asking Janet. "He doesn't even know me very well", "He should have given me sometime, atleast we should have studied each other, that is how others do it, isn't it?"she asked. "It is." Janet replied.
"What do you suggest that i should tell him?" Mary asked again.
"Tell him a big no.? Janet quipped.
"Tell him that you won't marry him, that you are not that cheap and can't be swayed by the fact that he came back from the city, infact, are you afraid to tell him that he is very ugly and you can't marry an ugly person because of money." Janet continued.
" Well, that won't be fair to him, i'll just tell him that i won't marry him period." Mary concluded.

Mark came back this time with a lot of gift for  Mary but Mary was no where to be found, when eventually they met, he renewed his marriage proposal but a defiant Mary rejected his proposal.
He begged, cried and said everything possible to make Mary change her mind but to no avail, at a point Mary walked out on him. For months Mark kept begging Mary but Janet kept advising her to say know and she kept saying know with various reasons. One day, Mark came back home, having decided to begin the process of paying the bride price of a yet to be identified bride before returning to the city. He had gone to the village school that fateful day to watch a football match when he ran into Janet.

He narrated to Janet everything he did for Mary and how he had proposed to her severally and she had rejected it for no good reason, preferring to call him names instead, In response, Janet apologized to him on behave of Mary, "Please don't mind Mary", She said. "She is not matured enough to be a wife, even though she has grown big, she still acts as a child, I don't even know what you saw in her that is driving you crazy, if am loved half the way you loved her, i'll even be the one to propose marriage." she concluded.
"You mean you would have agreed to be my wife, if i had proposed to you instead?" Mark inquired.
"Are you still asking? by now i would have given you your first male already." She replied. Mark laughed out loud and embraced her tightly to himself, he then proposed to her formally and she agreed and the rest was history.

A month later, Mary was informed that Janet was getting married, she was furious that Janet never informed her about it, moreover Janet has also been acting very strange lately, keeping to herself most times and always complaining about one thing or the other. She therefore confronted her with the news and she didn't deny it, rather she said that she wanted to surprise her and surprise it was for Mary when she learnt a day to the marriage after having prepared so much for the ceremony that Janet's husband to be was Mark, She became sick and refused to attend, she locked herself in her room and cried aloud uncontrollable all day. Two weeks later, just before Mark and Janet was to travel to the city, she decided to pay them a visit...    



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