Now that D.S.P #Alameseigha is #dead, now that they have killed him, let his #corpse be #extradited to the #UK... they (UK) seems to lack the courage to call people #corrupt until they are no longer in power.

 My problem with the UK is that they seem to lack the courage to call people corrupt and to treat people as corrupt until they are out of power and until they are been hounded by their political enemies in their country of origin, that in itself is a bigger corruption. If a man in power is corrupt and as a government, you are sincere about stopping corruption, you need not wait until he is out of power, make it known to the world while he is there and treat him as a corrupt person, refuse him entry into your country and reject the money he is investing in your country, stop him from acquiring these properties in the first place so that the idea of seizing properties  acquired and returning of looted funds won't even arise.  

They say he who goes to equity must go with clean hands, those who accuse others of being corrupt need not be corrupt individuals themselves because that will only amount to pot calling the kettle blackso those who cover them up should be exposed as well. Britain should start pointing fingers at those who are corrupt in the present government now, those who no one has heard about, they should start telling us about their activities in the UK, they can start seizing cash now not waiting till another government comes and starts another so called war on corruption. James Ibori is in prison in the UK, Diezani has been arrested, why only prominent persons from a particular part of #Nigeria are the only ones being persecuted in the UK for corruption is too difficult to understand. D.S.P Alams, if you were truly innocent, then you need not Rest in Peace until you pick up all those who were responsible for your death and take them with you to the great beyond, because those who murder sleep, do not deserve sleep. R.I.P



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