Their #DOG eat Their #BABY... #terrible!!!

 Grand Mother failed to feed the dog: a #Rottweiler and then She left to buy some items a few blocks away. Meanwhile, her grandchild was asleep in the room and being in a hurry to return in time, she only closed the door behind her.
The few minutes it took her to dash across and buy what she needed was all it took for the baby to wake up and in the absence of anyone stepped out of the room in search of someone only to be confronted by a hungry and angry dog.
By the time her Grand Mother rushed back, the little baby had already been torn apart by the hungry #Dog, this is not a story, it happened to a family in #Ubahu, #Okigwe, #Imo State #Nigeria this week, VERY #TERRIBLE !!! VERY VERY TERRIBLE !!!!!!!!!



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