A gay man slapped by a highly placed Nigerian Politician... that's the only kind of news they'll react to fast.

If that was to be the case, the news will spread like wild fire across America and Europe, they will run commentary on +BBC Africa +VOA News  +CNN International +AFP news agency +Fox News etc even +Human Rights Watch  +United Nations Human Rights +Amnesty International +Amnesty International USA and the likes will talk endlessly about it, their various governments will come up with sanctions against the country if they fail to prosecute the highly placed politician, the politician himself would be banned from travelling to the United States and the United Kingdom because that's the only thing they care about in Africa, Gays and lesbians, Abortionist, Female Genital Mutilation and our Mineral Resources.
Today people are being killed left, right and center by #Fulaniherdsmen in Nigeria, killing humans that cows may live and who is talking about it? how many world leaders are talking about it, they are waiting for refugees, so that they will queue us up and give us rations and then show us on their national television. Who cares about Africa these days, black lives don't matter, only that of whites do, if it were in France that these killings are taking place, by now the world would be mourning, President Obama would have delivered a heart rending speech on the need for the world to unite and crush terrorism but who cares about the Igbos and the Idomas of Nigeria?
It is only in Nigeria that Herdsmen roam across the length and breadth of their country, in people's farms and lawns even in major roads armed with AK47 and cutlasses which they use with reckless abandon on defenseless villagers, women and children, burn houses and worship centers to the ground and yet no arrests are made by security agencies.
#speakupagainstterrorinnigeria #saynotonormadiccattlegrazing #stopterrorinnigeria #speakupforthedefenseles                  
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