Igbo is a unique content that is found in some human genes...

Igbo is a unique type of content that is found in some human genes. When it is found in your gene, you become Igbo and you begin to reason the Igbo way and to act the Igbo way. You can only pretend but anyone who comes across you in terms of any endeavour in life, will know that there is something about you that is different and if such a person is a Nigerian he will quickly call you an Igboman. 
Igbo is another word for passion, guts and creativity. They are very passionate about achieving there goals, and in other to achieve these goals they can dare the heavens and if the heavens won't bulge, there creative ability ignites automatically. No doubt the Igbo strongly believes in Hard work and in the dignity of human life, they are a set of progressive minded people bent on achieving everything good that life has to offer. 
When the Igbo sets a goal for himself, he will endure anything, failure is not an option, creativity and his guts are his number one assets. In Igboland, it is the prayer of every parent for their children to become greater than them and that is the challenge, every Igbo child wants to out do his parents in everything, have a better car, a better house, become a better person, a better doctor, a better engineer, a better trader etc and if your parents are extremely good at what they do then the child is condemned to be more than extremely good and that is what drives the Igbo society, competition to be better than your parents and your peers.  
What if the parents are specialized in the negative things of the world? that is a big challenge in today's Igbo society, the need to ensure that the right goals are set by individuals and that moral values are thought the youths, so our society needs more NGO'S. PRESSURE, RIGHT AND ADVOCACY GROUPS.  
my response to a facebook comment on the need to always refer to Ndi-Igbo of Delta State origin as Igbo and not Delta-iGBO by @Duweni Emmanuel Camille Chibuzor, what did you say when Sunday Olisey told the world that he is not Igbo, He thought that will make him become the chief coach of Super Eagles for life, he stripped vincent enyeama of his captainship and gave it to a Northerner Ahmed Musa but how long did he last on the job? Delta-Igbo is a geographic expression, it doesn't mean that they are less Igbo, we also have Rivers-Igbo even though they prefer to refer to themselves as Igboid, what ever that means, originally we also had Kwa-Igbo, which refers to the Igbo's living around the Kwa River in todays Akwa-Ibom State, even then there was a Church called QUA-Ibo Church, over the years because of their business interaction with the Ijaws and other coastal tribes there dialect became increasingly different from that of other Ndi-Igbo but Today everyone prefers the word Akwa-Ibom, in Cross River you see mostly Igbo people and other tribes that emanated mostly from marriages between the Igbo and other coastal fisher men. Whether any one like it or not the truth won't still be changed, you want to know where the Okirika fisher men and fish trade morguls migrated from, go to MBAISE in Imo State and you will find Umuokirika(okirika descendants), Okirika nwe-eke(Okirika that owns the eke-market), Okirika nwe- Nkwo{ the Okirika that owns the Nkwo Market}, Bonny(Ibo-ani) or is it the Kingdom of Opobo(Igwe-Nga) founded by King Jaja of NKWERRE or now Nwangele in Imo State. 
What they call Port-Harcourt is Igwe-Ocha go and ask the Ikwerre people who, some of whom say they are Igboid, some people think that because their dialect is not easily understood in the central Igbolands that makes them Igboid or what ever, or even a different tribe, they need to know that even within Imo State, the Oguta dialect is not easily understood by Okigwe people, that a typical Awka-Anambra dialect is not easily understood by an Ngwa-Abia people, That the Ezza-Ebonyi dialect sounds like song to an Onitsha-Anambra man hearing it for the first time, they need to know that a typical Nsukka-Enugu dialect sounds like Ikwerre in the ears of a typical Ohafia-Abia State man but we are all Igbo people and we can all speak and hear the central Igbo Language without stress, No Igbo is more Igbo than the other, Igbo is Igbo and other Nigerians doesn't need a rocket scientist to identify an Igbo, the moment you speak or act they will know, if you like speak yoruba or hausa from here to jericho, infact if you like convert to islam, change your name to Alhaji mustapha mohammed mohammed, bear their tribal mark, talk against Igbo people, one day one person will still call you an Igboman because Igbo is the content of your gene, not your colour, dress or language , it affects the way you reason, and the way you respond to issues even in your dreams.



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